The Hidden Expense CFOs Are Overlooking

Smart CFOs understand the benefit of working with temporary workers to help supplement departments for specific project work, and this trend is still growing.  You think you’re saving money for opting to outsource and reduce employee costs, but are you really aware of the hidden costs in this strategy?

Turnover2The same impact that traditional employee turnover has on a company (read this article) are the same when it comes to finding the right independent contractors to work on your projects. You believe you’re saving money outsourcing and using a staffing agency to do so, but what happens when the candidate contracted ends up being the incorrect candidate? Budgets to hire increase, project deadlines get pushed back and employee time spent onboarding new contractors increases, decreasing their productivity.

Meanwhile, your staffing agency just keeps taking your money and putting a warm body in the position.

It’s time for a new and innovative way to hire finance professionals for seasonal and project work.  VouchedIn contractors are all background checked and “vouched for” through reference checks.  We guarantee that you will find the right contractor, meet project deadlines and save money.


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